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Featured Skater of the Month - April 2013

Dose of Megication #200cc

Team: Doomsday Dolls

When did you start? May 2012​


How did you pick your derby name?

Last spring semester I was walking to my car heading to school and all of a sudden "megication" just popped into my head. (My name is Meghan) I'm in nursing school so this name fit perfectly, a combination of my name and a big part of my future profession. At this time I was thinking about joining derby and this made my decision final.​


What lead you to roller derby?

Last year I was really into different types of fitness. School was coming to an end and I was looking for something different to do. My cousin had mentioned she saw something online about a roller derby team in South Jersey that had a training program. I never thought it was even a possibility to be involved in a roller derby, I just figured I would go for the work out but never be able to be on a team. After a couple weeks I really fell in love with the sport and the rest is history.​


What was your biggest hurdle when you first started?

Everything but plow stops ! I could barely even stand up on my skates. Bambi on ice is an understatement. I had never skated before and it definitely did not come natural to me.


What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

eing a member of South Jersey Derby is really special for me. I had always been involved in sports since I was young and I missed being on a team where you had people you could trust. Derby takes this to a whole new amazing level. When I come home with stories about practice or games or a night out with everyone my mom always says "You finally found where you belong." And its so true. I can be whoever I want and no one is judging me. I can say the most outlandish awkward statements and everyone is okay with it and most likely agreeing and thinking the same things. The friends I have made here have helped me with everything from what wheels should I skate with on the banked track to decisions in my personal life. This group is really amazing and I'm really grateful I stumbled into this.​


What would you recommend for a new rookie coming in?

Play in as many games as you can. In my first couple games I was so nervous I could barely think of doing anything else but keeping up with the pack. When you finally get over the nervousness, learn how to use strategies, and work with your teammates, the game gets really really fun.​


What's your derby goal?

One of my derby goals is to be able to be able to be advanced enough to lead practice and help out anyone who needs it. To be able to master the sport and my own skills enough to influence other people would be amazing. Another one of my goals is to make A team. I have a long way to go but I've been eyeing those trashcans to jump over!​


Anything else fun you'd like to add?

After my first month I went to a practice at Deptford. Little did I know it would be full of all the vets! I couldn't even keep up with the paceline and just practiced crossovers in the center of the track. After that we scrimmaged. All the skaters were so awesome. They kept saying positive things to me and really made me feel like I belonged there. I really fell in love with derby after that practice. It is an incredible thing to be able to work with the elites of the league and have them encourage you. So a thank you to everyone involved with this league, especially my coaches. You guys are amazing and I appreciate all the hard work you've put in teaching us!


What's a little known fact about yourself?

I really dislike running unless there is an extra element involved. I participated in two color runs and a mud run last year and they were both amazing. So if anyone is interested in running with a little added flair, count me in !

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