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Featured Skater of the Month - August 2012

Midgenight Monster #MST3K

Position: J/B/P

When did you start?

Derby- October 2008. South Jersey Derby Girls- 2010

What team are you on?

My SJDG home team is Turnpike Parolees, and SJDG All-Star Travel Team the Derby Justice League


What led you to roller derby?

I had seen pictures on myspace and thought it seemed interesting, but I didnt know how to rollerskate, so I didn't go out and try it for a couple years or so later. A friend assured me that we could join without any prior skate experience, and thought that I would like it. We went and I wound up falling in love with roller derby way harder than I ever expected! I ultimately did not stay with that particular derby team, but I have stuck with the sport of roller derby ever since.


What is your favorite position to play?

I don't feel I can pick a favorite because I love all positions! I love blocking because hitting people is fun! But I also love Jamming and Pivoting because I am an endurance junkie and love sprinting as well, and its feels awesome to hear the crowd cheer if you have a good jam and score points. But, if I had to pick an ABSOLUTE FAVORITE position I would say the strategic blocking positions. I love coming up with a plan on the track with my teammates and then executing it. Derby gets so chaotic on the track its a real mental and physical challenge to get done what you are trying to do for that jam.

What is your greatest achievement in Derby?

Uhm... I never won any awards or MVP status, but I do have highest attendance right now...which is kinda nerdy, but it is an achievement, because I've never been a person to have high attendance for school, work, or anything, but derby keeps me so motivated that I'm there all the time, they couldn't keep me off the track if they tried! I recently scored a really SA-weeet 20 lap endurance time, so I guess all the track time is starting to pay off!

(Midge Night Monster currently holds the league's fastest 20-lap test time).

What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

Being a South Jersey Derby member to me is having the best friends you could ever ask for, on the track and off. Its like having a family of 80 people. I used to be a pretty negative person and down on myself, my friends at SJD made me snap out of it in a big way. I have become really close to a lot of my teammates, and my boyfriend rejoined our men's team, so the derby team pretty much is family to us. I recently got "Roller Derby Saved My Soul" tattooed on my ribs at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, because its a true statement that I want to keep close to my heart forever. It really freaking hurt, but it was worth the pain!

Any other story / notes / inspirations you would like to share?

I was not very coordinated, and my skating background pre-derby consisted of inline skating less than a handful of times as a kid. It took me a LONG time to learn to skate well! And anytime I thought I "learned to skate," I still had a lot more to work on, practice, and learn. I STILL have a f@#kton more to learn!  My advice for anyone that wants to become a derby skater, is to keep working at it, even when if it feels so difficult that you may want to give up. Absorb all you can from the skaters around you, and always be willing to listen, watch, and learn. Ask questions! Make sure to not be too hard on yourself, and be sure to take credit for all the accomplishments you make along the way! If you keep working hard, you will get there one day, I promise!

Hobbies outside of derby

Dressing up like a zombie at inappropriate times of year, playing with kittens, watching funny animal videos on the internet and sending cute animal pics to friends. Exercising, I love plyometrics! I watch a lot of horror and monster a lot a lot, maybe too much actually. Eating delicious meals my boyfriend makes me, and hanging out with friends and teammates. I also started studying for the NASM personal trainer, I feel like there are never enough hours in the day.

Worst Injury?

Derby didn't cause, but did aggravate, a herniated disc in my lower spine. I have been doing physical therapy a few times a week to try and rehabilitate it. The therapy is boring and annoying, but I want to keep skating so I do it!


What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?

Derby Moment I felt best about- My first south jersey derby game with Turnpike Parolees, I was put in to jam and pivot and scored points, even though I was so nervous!  My whole family was there cheering, I felt great! I got some good hits in the pack too while blocking, and took out a couple of opposing skaters, I never felt more on top of the world. Did I forget to mention it was also my birthday?

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