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Featured Skater of the Month - August 2013

Special Feature - South Jersey Derby Coaches
Wreck-Liz and Mary Kill

Like many adult recreational sports, roller derby is skater operated.  Each facet of roller derby relies on volunteers.  Over the past several years, South Jersey Derby has expanded from 10 skaters to almost 100 with men and women of all shapes, sizes, and athletic backgrounds coming together.  There are no paid coaches, referees, or announcers.  The love of the sport is what keeps the skaters returning and recruiting.  As with all teams, there are a few who rise and lead.  South Jersey Derby is honored to announce our August 2013 skaters of the month, Wreck-Liz and Mary Kill, official flat track coaches.


Wreck-Liz started with South Jersey Derby in 2009.  Affectionately known as "Captain Dick", she joined looking for some exercise and excitement.  "I love the fast pace of the sport and being able to hit your friends and have it be okay.  It's always such an exciting sport to watch and play".  Wreck-Liz is known for her hard hitting blocks and strategy from the sidelines.  Wreck-Liz leads the new flat track intraleague team, the Bruised Beauties.


Mary Kill started with South Jersey Derby in January 2010.  She was originally looking for an indoor soccer league, but came across a weblink to sign up for South Jersey's rookie program.  Out of sheer curiosity, she emailed for more information, went to the first practice, and hasn't looked back since.  May Kill reminisces, "I remember when I was in Training Wheels and going through my first DSC testing - at the time it was run by both Mos Deathly and Billy Rae Siren.  At this time, we had to jump a trash can and I had never even jumped a cone.  I was really nervous and a few Vets encouraged me to 'just try it.'  So, I got in line and anxiously waited my turn - thinking, 'this is crazy.'  Finally it was my turn and I skated as fast as I could, closed my eyes and cleared that trash can by a good couple of feet (will I ever jump a trash can again, hell no).  But the part I'll never forget, after jumping, Billy Rae was super encouraging and we had this high five moment, which for a newbie, was awesome.  She probably doesn't remember, but this has helped me to encourage and motivate our Training Wheels.  It's suprising how these little derby moments can influence a person."  Mary Kill leads the new flat track intraleague team, the Kill Scouts.


Both Wreck-Liz and Mary Kill were formerly members of South Jersey Derby Girl's intraleague team, the Turnpike Parolees.  In 2012, South Jersey Derby expanded the league into Philadelphia, opening the new banked track league Love City Roller Derby.  At that time, Wreck-Liz and Mary Kill stepped up to coach the flat track team and continued onboarding of new skaters who joined the Training Wheels program.  Wreck-Liz recalls, "I realized quickly that the banked track wasn't for me, but I still loved the flat track and didn't want to stop skating.  Switching to coaching the incoming training wheels was a good fit for me and allowed me extra flat track practice time".


Mary Kill's practices focus much on core strength training and endurance, while much of Wreck-Liz's practice focuses on footwork, strategy and scrimmaging.  The skaters benefit not only from their diverse skillsets, but their preparation as well. The coaches have to plan to keep members of all skill levels challenged and motivated while still ensuring the new "training wheels" are getting the one-on-one attention to develop their own skills. Both coaches have spent countless hours running practices, bench coaching bouts, skating games, reffing, and volunteering with the league.


The first intraleague bout between the Kill Scouts and Bruised Beauties debuts this fall at Deptford Skating Center.  Be sure to check out the flat track schedule for upcoming dates!


Everyone from South Jersey Derby salutes our fantastic coaches.  Thank you both for your dedication to the league and to our derby family!



If you're interested in joining South Jersey Derby, click here to apply!

"Mary Kill and Wreck-Liz are like "endurance therapists" because they keep our bodies moving for two hours straight, while simultanously setting the tone for a positive, team-oriented, cheer-on-the-other-players type of practice... which is appreciated by myself and others that are looking  to feel better on the car ride home... than they did on the car ride there.Thank you ladies. XOXO"





"Mary Kill is not only one of the hardest working people I know, she is a brilliant motivator and a great leader. 
Wreck-Liz as a derby player, is equal parts vulgar, in-your-face, and ferocious."

         ~Walt Hitman




"I love Captain dick. .. she's a great team mate and friend. She's hilarious.. and she's always making people smile. And on top of all that she's a great coach and blocker!

Mary Kill is a tremendous asset to SJDG. Her practices are killer and really whip us into shape! If there's one thing she's known for is she is the queen of drag blocks!"

         ~MC SlamHer




"Mary Kill and Wreck-Liz are winners on and off the track. These ladies eat planks for breakfast.  FC wants the scoops?"





"Wreck-Liz wrecked me in training wheels and prepared me so I didn’t get wrecked in real games.

Mary Kill absolutely kills you in practice.  Little pieces of you lying everywhere but after you recover you will have a smile on your face…competition won’t…but you will. "

         ~The Hammer Jammer




"A Man, a Plan, a Canal Panama".

         ~Ed McMayhem


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