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Featured Skater of the Month - December 2012

MaHotma Blondhi #1932



Position: Pivot / Jammer / Blocker

When did you start? May 2009

What team are you on?
Justice League (A Team) and proud Captain of the Doomsday Dolls

What led you to roller derby?
I was managing a bookstore in east bumble-nowhere and wanted some more excitement and myself and a co-worker came across a recruitment page on myspace (does that even exist anymore haha).  Got an email from Moe (leader extraordinaire) rather quickly.  Me and my friend went to practice at DSC, tried out, and it's all up from there!  I'm pretty sure I wore a jean skirt to the try outs though... blonde moment


What is your favorite position to play?
I love being a pivot! I find myself always naturally being at the front of the pack anyway, making sure I am not that extra point for the other team, that its easy for me to stay up front and try to maintain speed and work with my other teammates creating walls and working on strategy.  Honestly, my first couple practices I was taught by Lady and the Trample and  Breaker Baker and I remember being in awe of the ability they had, being both pretty petite skaters.  Baker has always been an inspiration to me from those first days and trying to emulate her style and ability.

What is your greatest achievement in Derby?

Becoming captain of the Parolees and then creating a new team, The Doomsday Dolls, with fellow Captain Midge Night Monster.  The day I got the call from Moe asking, I thought I was late on dues or something!  Did not expect her to call to see if I wanted to help lead my team.  It was truly and honor and privilege.  Actually right after I got Captain, our team really took an advanced lead that year and was even in the Championship!   Perhaps I was the good luck charm it needed, or at least that's what I tell myself :)

What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?
Being a Member of SJDG and now Love City Roller Derby to me means a few things:

First, Friendship.  I have met some amazing people since I have joined and have truly built lifelong relationships with these women and men.  Second, Love of the Sport.  I was more of an art nerd, debate club kind of person and never really played sports growing up, really thought I just wasn't made for it.  But derby gives you the feeling like you are the queen bee, you don't have to be amazing to start, it works and builds you into a true monster player.  I've been on the team for years and still feel like I can improve, learn new tricks, strategy, and keep gaining more knowledge of the sport.  Third, Evolving.  Since I have come on board, we've gone through several homes, a league change from OSDA to MADE, we got a banked track, and now our Banked team is in the City of Brotherly Love... So, we are constantly evolving, as we should be.  Derby, I feel, is often overlooked or considered fake, or not impressive.  Without the ever growing progress, we may not be where we are and I may still be crossing that bridge into Jersey! Yay, for saving money on tolls! Fourth and Final, Anger management!  Damn do I just wanna punch people, all kinds of people, all times of the day... and dude, derby gives me the chance (minus the punching)!  Anytime I'm feeling stressed, angry, sad, or even crazy happy, somehow derby can make me hit that medium line and get me where I need to be.  I never had an outlet for any frustration before, and just kind of kept it in.  Now I get to beat on my friends, and they get up and then knock me down, and then we hug it out! Chicks, I tell ya!

​Any inspiring notes?

In honor of my favorite person in history, my hero.

A reminder to myself and others, that once voice can be heard.

     "Be the change you with to see in world"

              -Mahatma Gandhi

Hobbies outside of derby
I have a lot of used to's.  What can I say, I get bored easily and when that ADD mentality kicks in, I just move on to something new lol.  Derby of course, has kept my attention.  I do have a great habit of cleaning my apartment and then within a week it looks like a bomb went off.  It's either one side or the other side of the spectrum I guess.  I just walk in the house and think, "F***, not again, damn you Jaime" hahaha. So, in a way, it's a reoccurring hobby

Strange Fact about yourself?
I am not freakin amish or Mormon people! And no, no scars.  Damn, can a girl just not like the way her arms look in tanks, geez :p

Worst Injury?
Knock on wood... No major injury to date, several boo boo's and weeks off.  Worst and longest though was over last winter when I strained my groin.  Couldn't even sit, get up or move without pain.  My whole thigh and back of my knee was bruised, ouch!  PSA to myself - Remember to stretch better

What's your favorite moment from a game?
I have several moments of games that I play over and over, but one game (Best of the Breast), I actually scored 8 points in one jam, my first and only time getting around twice!  That game was down to the wire too, we were ahead, Hurt Vonnegut and Breaker Baker are out in the last jam, Baker takes Hurt down, and scores the few points they needed to win! Such a great moment, we lost, but still

Anything else you would like to add?
I'm more like MaNOTma Blondhi right now, that the blonde will be back!

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