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Featured Skater of the Month - July 2012

Sugar SmackHer #1 tsp

Position(s): Jammer/Pivot


When did you start?October 2009


What team are you on?

Rollin' Barren Bandits & SJDG All-Stars


​What led you to roller derby?

It started out as aggression therapy, but led to so much more.

What is your favorite position to play?I love to jam and I love the Blocker 2 position...the outside line.

What is your greatest achievement in Derby?My two greatest achievements in Derby include being part of the Justice League and also being a co-captain of the Bandits.


What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

Being a SJDG means so much more than just playing roller derby. I have created a bond with so many people and I get to be a part of a community that stands by each other. A group that raises you up when you are down, a support system unlike no other.


Any other story / notes / inspirations you would like to share?


There are several things I am inspired by....

1) the support system within the derby community, not just by our league sticking together, but the way the entire derby community bonds together despite the league affiliation....most recent example is Hope for Harlow.

2) the will and determination that players who have gotten hurt have...the will and determination to not only heal quickly but the will and determination to get right back up and keep going, never giving up.


Hobbies outside of derby

Gardening and reading


Worst Injury?

My worst injury was when I boobie flopped on the banked track....I had one black boob for a month.


What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?

There have been many milestones for me, so it is very hard to pick just one favorite moment. Above all, the last two minutes of any game with a point spread within 5, that has to be the best and most exciting part for me.

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