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Featured Skater of the Month - June 2017

SparKills the Demon Squirrel #L05T (05)

Started Playing Derby: Three years ago -- I haven't regretted one second.

Team:  South Jersey Roller Derby Travel Team, Bruised Beauties


How did you choose your derby name & number?

Wanted to combine my love of drunk squirrel videos, sparkly stuff and my dark sense of humor, plus it sounds funny.


What led you to roller derby?
People told me I was the type for awhile, but it wasn't until a friend, Linda Bucci, invited me to a bout that i really understood what it was.


What was your biggest hurdle when you first started derby?

Laps! I has such a hard time, but my Derby family rallied around me like they always do and help me get through it

What does being a South Jersey Roller Derby member mean to you?

Derby has given me so much; friends that have become like family, my identity aside from mom/wife and body confidence.

What would you recommend for a new rookie joining the league?

Invest in good equipment, get in there and give it hell🤘 When you struggle most, keep pushing!


What is your derby goal?

I wanna be a solid power blocker and skate til the day I die!

Any notes you'd like to share?

Embrace derby for all it is...take workshops, make friends, be open to try new stuff, learn to laugh at yourself and never give up trying to improve.

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