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LOVE CITY Featured Skater of the Month - March 2013

Daytona #500

When did you start?
March 2010

What team are you on?
Doomsday Dolls, SJ Derby All-Stars, MADE Team Mainland


What led you to roller derby?
I was graduating and the sports to play after graduation were very limited and since I used to play roller hockey, my dad decided to show me an ad in the news paper, I thought it looked interesting, fun and an adrenaline rush so I tried out.

What is your favorite position to play?
My absolute position to play is jammer because there is so much pressure on you to get out of the pack, be in enough shape to race around the track to catch up to the back of the pack and then pick your strategy and find the hole to get through to the front of the pack to score as many points for your team as possible.


What is your greatest achievement in Derby?
My greatest achievement was at my first CCRE game and I got MVP at 18 years old in my first real big game and also when I was awarded jammer, pivot and rookie of the year.

What does being a Love City / Shove City member mean to you?
Being a member of Love City is a great honor because its not  just an amazing team but a family and since I'm an only child with not too many cousins, it's nice to have a huge family who cares and loves you just like your real family.

Worst Injury?
Probably when I fell from the top of the track at the apex to the hard concrete ground and landed right on my stomach and knocked the wind right out of myself, thanks Boobar.

What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?
When our travel team won by 1 point against Penn Jersey last year. Best/hardest game ever.


Special thanks to:

I'd just like to thank everyone for being so accepting of me since I started at such a young age and you guys really made me feel like I belonged right away. I also want to say thanks to my awesome family and girlfriend, who come to every game to support me, without you at every game I probably wouldn't play my heart out like I do.

How did you choose your derby name & number?
I actually didn't chose it. I knew I wanted my nickname "day" in it, so a teammate helped me chose Daytona 500 since I'm speedy and on wheels.

Hobbies outside of derby
Snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding  making music, playing drums, swimming, singing,drawing and dancing. Oh and of course getting good grades, mom!


Strange fact about yourself?
I can play the harmonica and I'm addicted to pickles

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