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Featured Skater of the Month - May 2012

Allan Wench #5

Position(s): Jammer/Pivot


When did you start?

Feb. 2010


What team are you on?

Rollin' Barren Bandits & SJDG All-Stars


What led you to roller derby?

I dressed up as a derby girl for Halloween one year. I found a pair of those tan high top skates with orange wheels I used to rent at the skating rink growing up.Then the movie Whip It came out and I was even more intrigued by the sport and wanted to get involved somehow. I was living in Philly at the time and knew that the Philly Roller Girls had try-outs, but no way to learn. I found an article about SJDG online and when I read that they offered a training wheels program I convinced myself that I had no excuse not to try.


What is your favorite position to play?

Being a Jammer is awesome. There is a real thrill when you dodge all those blockers gunning for you. I didn't always like the pressure of the position but now I use it as motivation. I've also grown to really love Pivoting. I still have the opportunity to jam with the added perk of pairing up with a teammate and holding the front of the pack with my booty.


What is your greatest achievement in Derby?

I don't know that I can pinpoint one thing. For someone who never really played sports, finding one that I love and can do well is kind of a miracle. Making the A team was a big deal for me. There have been so many players that I've admired since I started as a rookie and to be considered skilled enough to play with and against them did a lot for my self-esteem and performance.


What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

The answer to this question has changed so much in the past few weeks. I don't think I realized quite how important my teammates and derby were to me until I got injured and couldn't play. Derby is a part of my identity now and without the support and motivation from my fellow players, I wouldn't have become the woman I am today. We have such a special bond, loving this crazy sport together, and I really cherish it.


Hobbies outside of derby?

I make art - fabric collage and embroidery mostly. I also love cooking, baking and entertaining. I'm learning to garden. I murder houseplants but the outdoor ones are doing ok! And lately, wedding planning.


Random fact about yourself?

I do a really amazing turkey impression.


Worst Injury?

Haha. Well, my broken leg blows. I broke my right leg in 3 places - a spiral fracture in my tibia and a break in my fibula. I had an operation where a titanium rod was inserted into my tibia and screwed into place.


What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?

I wasn't playing in the last jam of the game, but when we beat Penn Jersey this year, it was thrilling! The whole game was really intense, but surprisingly fun. SJDG hadn't played an A team game with them since I was a rookie, so playing against some of those girls really intimidated me at first. Once the game was over I realized that I held my own and hey, I am vet now!

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