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LOVE CITY Featured Skater of the Month - May 2013

Hurt Vonnegut #Slaughterhouse 5

When did you start playing roller derby? 2008


What team are you on?
Shove City Captain, SJ Derby All Stars


What led you to roller derby?
A couple friends of mine (Rex Havoc and Beast of Burton) were playing in a tournament in Wildwood, NJ and asked me if I wanted to come down for the weekend to check it out.
At the time I had plans on moving back to South Jersey from NYC and wasn't sure what I was going to do with myself, but when I saw this all happening right in front of me(Suicide Seats(Anything less would be uncivilized)) my first question to Rex was ""Can I play?""

What is your favorite position to play?
I like playing the blocker position. More specifically the front line blocker or 2 spot. Blockers may not get as much credit as a point scorer, but playing a blocker on the front line is almost like the last line of defense before the other team breaks and a lot of times that position is the difference between your jammer being able to break or get stuck in the pack.


What is your greatest achievement in Derby?
To pick one great achievement when you've had so many is difficult.
There's the fact that I've won MVP at CCRE not just once, but twice.
I had a game where I scored 16 points in a single jam (SJD vs. RDD) which was pretty awesome.
But I think the greatest achievement would have to be winning the heart of my beloved Misfortune Cookie.... although 16 points in one Jam is pretty amazing.


Worst Injury?
Recently recovered from broken ribs.

What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?
Although this isn't my greatest hit, it's one of my most memorable and actually comes from my first game. (SJD vs Chesapeake(co-ed)) The funny thing about it is it wasn't actually my hit. One of the Chesapeake players had knocked me down and the crowd exploded in a deafening cheer. I had been playing so hard and so physical the whole game, relentlessly attacking any guy that stepped onto the track against me. Well when one of their guys finally managed to knock me down the crowd erupted and I realized that I had been a force and I was actually someone they wanted to watch. Even if it was that they wanted to watch me go down. Which doesn't happen very often, by the way.


How did you choose your derby name & number?
Through weeks of brain strain,  I came up with a slew of different derby names and it ended up coming down to two choices: either "Hurt Vonnegut" or "Devin Deadly Sins".  Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite writers of all time, but I do love to sin a bit too. Hurt Vonnegut won out because I liked the idea of having a persona for derby. When someone say ""Hey Hurt!"" I know where they know me from and how they know me.


​​Hobbies outside of derby
I love to try everything life has to offer. If you take a look deep enough into almost anything you'll find something amazing it has to offer. I'm just going to do this portion in list form.

Kung Fu
Old Car Mechanical Work
Video Games (NES - Xbox 360)
Frisbee Golf
Tabletop Gaming

There are plenty more things I enjoy doing and if I've never done it before not only am I willing to try, but I really want to check it out.


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