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Featured Skater of the Month - May 2013

Mac the Ripper #46&2

Started Playing Derby: January 2008 ​


Position: J/P/B and MADE Head Ref


How did you choose your derby name & number?

There are so many Katie's, Kathy's, Kristen, Chrissy's, Christina's, etc. that when I started I just told people to call me Mac. My last names McIntosh, so it worked. So with my name I wanted to find something that "Mac" would fit into besides "Big Mac" or "Mac Attack" I drew up a list for opinions and my mock up of Jack the Ripper was on there. "Mac The Ripper" won it's title by popular vote. I think that's how Hexi became my Derby wife. She loves Jack the Ripper. So I guess our derbmance was started by her love for my skater name...and our mutual love for NIN.


What lead you to play roller derby?

I use to work with ""That Kid Kenny"" One night at work he was showing off bruises and how he got them. I told him that I have skated since I was 3 years and I NEVER got bruises like that before. He told me I looked tough enough and to go to his championship game to talk to ""Mom aka Rebel Yell"" about joining if I liked what I saw. I went to the game and was like ""That's it? It seems easy enough."" and here I am some 5 years later as a SJDG Flat track A-Team Vet. Haha! ​


What lead you to ref?​

At the time, our league needed refs. We all know how hard it is to find committed refs that are skaters too. I started from line ref and as time went on I moved to the inside. Due to my Dad passing away and 2 foot surgeries I couldn't skate, but I wanted to stay a part of the league. So I focused on being our head ref. Now I'm Head Ref for LCRD Banked track league. What's your favorite position to play? I love being a One (inside blocker). I love to Jam/Pivot and the other blocking positions too. Don't get me wrong. There's just something about holding that inside line so the opposing Jammer/Pivot or even blocker can't get through that I love. I don't know what it is...Oh yea..It's tri-blocking or back blocking the hell out of them as they try to jump the apex. That's right! ​


What is your greatest achievement in derby?

There's a couple "great achievements". One making the All-star team for SJDG back in the day when I did, and two being dubbed as LCRD head referee and a rep for the M.A.D.E. organization. Doing those at the same time is a lot of work. It's not just work on the track, but off the track as well. Being head ref isn't just about standing/running/skating in the middle, blowing a whistle, and barking to skaters during a game; and as a skater it's not just about going to practice and working your ass off around a track. As a skater/ref you don't just get to go home and relax after a game or practice. You make notes of things you've observed and how things could be improved with in our style of game. As the head ref I have hours of work to do at home, and it's all volunteered too. I have schedules to make and people who need/want to be trained. Add discussions about rule alterations/improvements, safety concerns, and other paper work that needs to be filled out (Which I'm horrible at filling out the paperwork part. Sorry, Moe!) The list goes on of what's being done by people/reps that a lot of skaters don't see. There's always something that's being done on and off the track. Derby is in my blood now so it's great honor to be in the positions that I'm in for my leagues.


What does being a South Jersey Derby / Love City Derby member mean to you?

I have to say on either side of the track I love what I do. I love skating and I love being a ref. I love our style of rules. We have a great derby family and I couldn't be prouder of how far we have come in the years that I've been apart of it. I want to keep other skaters/refs/spectators enjoying and coming back to what they love as well. ​ ​


Any inspiration you wish to share?

Just because you are diagnosed with an illness doesn't mean you are weak. I started my derby journey 1 1/2 yrs into my cancer treatments. I have had multiple procedures done since and I'm still continuing to do so now. You can ask quite a few people on my league and on others I've skated against. I can take a hit, and I sure as hell can give one back. I can chase down the best of them when I have to as well. Some weeks it's harder than others. There are times you just can't make it to practice, or play in a game cause you're having a crappy point. There are moments in life where you need to take a break, and it's ok to do it. Don't ever think you can't come back. Derby isn't going anywhere I promise you. You'd be surprised at how many people are there for you with mounds of support and waiting to skate with you again. I found that out during the Smorgasbout.


​Hobbies outside of derby?

I'm a mom of 2 awesomely comedic kids, and I'm a wife. We ride motocross bikes and quads. We ride horses. We fish. You name it. I love going to museums, going on hikes, eating weird foods, and traveling. We're also artsy fartsy and musicians too. So we get to rock out a little when we get a chance. Family life consumes me when derby isn't happening.


Worst Injury?

- I cracked my eyebrow falling from doing a jump on skates after a game. (That scared some people)

- Fractured my collarbone during a practice scrimmage.

- And No, my foot surgeries were not from derby. Just stepping on a rusty nail when I was a kid.


What's a little known fact about yourself?

I played Columbia in a Rocky Horror Picture Show live theater reenactment when I was 18 for about a year or so. My stage name was Evelyn cause when you're 18 and dancing in your knickers, in drag, you don't really want strangers to know what your real name is.


Favorite hit from a game?

I don't think I have a greatest hit from a game. I do have a greatest hit from the Banked track clinic PJ held a couple years back I attended. I knocked Skip on his ass when I did a tri-bock coming out of a hold. Judy was hysterically laughing about it. That's a damn good memorable moment.

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