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South Jersey Roller Derby - New Skater Registration





You will need  wrist, elbow & knee pads, a helmet and mouth guard for practice, however, you may use the rink’s loaner skates as long as you need.

Warning: Do not buy the brand "roller derby" from Dick Sporting Goods, they are cheap plastic skates. Recommended skates are Riedell R3s. which you can order from various online sources.

Please note sizes are men's, so when estimating your size, go down a full size. There are also no half sizes. Example: you normally wear a 8.5 in women's -- remove the half, then go down one size -- so you will order a size 7.

Training Wheels Program


The Program is self-paced, so the more practices you attend the faster you will move through the program.


 Don't be afraid to ask questions. Everyone started at the beginning, and are happy to help the rookies move up through the ranks.


The league communicates events, schedules, etc. through a Facebook Group. We will send you an invitation. Practice Schedule may vary. Please check the Google calendar regularly.

We will send you an invitation to the Facebook page you listed on your application once we have received your initial dues payment.

Email your questions to and someone will respond asap.


Venmo dues of $50 to @sj-derby no later than 15th of each month -- non-payment will result in suspension from practice and roster for that month.  This payment is also required before your first day of practice.








It is your responsibility if you don’t stick with the league, to notify us in writing at 


​You must retain above a 50% attendance score to remain actively rostered to play in a game, but we encourage you to make as many practices as you can.

To ensure safety, all new skaters are required to pass a Minimum Assessment Test before being eligible to play in their first game. Minimum Skills can be found here.




Be sure to check out the rules at

​Volunteer Hours: To be eligible to participate in games, members must complete 2 volunteer hours per month. There are a whole host of opportunities available to choose from, and reaching the two-hour requirement is not hard to obtain.

 Rookie Volunteer Requirement: Rookies are eligible to be drafted to a team once they have reached a minimum of 2,000 attn points (20 practices) and 10 hours of reffing and/or volunteering.


Covid Procedures


Per CDC Guidelines please do not attend practice if you have a fever or are experiencing any signs of infection including, but not limited to, a runny nose, coughing, or sneezing.


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