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Featured Skater of the Month - October 2014

Annie Leavastitch #35mm

Started Playing Derby: September  2012

Team:  South Jersey Roller Derby Travel Team, Kill Scouts


How did you choose your derby name & number?

I've been in love with the January 1981 cover of Rolling Stone with a naked John Lennon embracing a fully clothed Yoko Ono since I was a teenager. That cover had a huge influence on my perspection of what love should be. The photograph is a sneak peek of what their life was like with eachother, a perfect glimpse two people souls beautiful captured. Annie Leibovitz was the photographer of this immortal depiction of love.


What led you to roller derby?
Well, I always loved roller derby! Sexy husband was working on a client's house (he's a painter) she was telling him all about the league and how I should join. He came home and gave me the website. Told me to email and join. He knew I would love it and all the challenges that come with it. He is one of my biggest supports!

What was your biggest hurdle when you first started derby?

The cross over was my biggest hurdle. I was literally taking baby steps to try to get this down. Beast of Burton helped me get over my fear of the exaggerated step over. After she showed me it was just that easy everything just fell into place. To that I want to thank Beast of Burton for giving the extra push and slap of confidence I needed!

What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

We are a community of people from all different backgrounds and the same love for derby. They are some amazing people I've come to know and love. No matter what we are there for each other. No matter how big or small an issue is and it's almost guaranteed a good laugh that will cheer you up.

What would you recommend for a new rookie joining the league?

Never give up and never say you can't. It's because you can! I never thought I'd do my cross overs and BAM! I did! Didn't think I would be able to skate backwards, BOOM! I do! Not super fast, but I do! Transitioning from forward to backward to forward with out stoping on my toe stops! Done! It's a step out and turn. Every practice is a new beginning. You pick one thing and practice it when you're waiting your turn to do a drill. Practice at home, practice off skates. Think about how much you want to and you can do it. So what if you fall, get up and try again. Nothing is impossible.


What is your derby goal?

Wow, I'm not sure I have a few. One, was to become skater of the month. So thank you! The other is to become a stealthy jammer/pivot. I'm working on this currently and not going to give up until it's achieved. It might take awhile, but I'm not in a rush.


Any notes you'd like to share?

I want to thank everyone who has helped me and has encouraged me to try again and not to give up. I want to thank my family for supporting me in this adventure we are taking together. To Autumn for making some of the best posters I've ever seen. Gabe for all the pre-game pep talks and to Miranda for coming to all my home games. I know she's no longer with our league, but I want to thank my big derby sister Monster for talking me through an issue or question I may have had. To all my roomies from CCRE you were the best! Past and current! To Swags for announcing awesome games and giving me shout outs when I first started even though I had no idea what I was doing! Girl you know! B-Town!


​What is a fun fact about yourself?

I like to sit on the beach and drink beverages, camping, canoeing, and dancing when it's completely inappropriate. I have two Berense Mountain dogs, two cats, an evil lionhead bunny and eleven chickens. I garden and eat berries off my berry bushes. I laugh at everything, but mostly myself. I have a sexy husband and most people don't know his name. I also enjoy drinking adult beverages while cooking, so Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it's the two things I enjoy doing. My Favorite band is Mastodon! Have you seen them? It's pretty much a band of multiple sexy husbands. #heaven

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