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Roller Derby - M.A.D.E. rules

SJ Derby is a Proud Member of the Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor (M.A.D.E.)

​ You can learn all about it at, or


GAME TIME: Each game consists of four 15-minute periods.

JAM: A 90-second game of play. There are an unlimited number of jams in each period.

THE PACK: The Pivots and Blockers from each team who skate together on the track.

JAMMER: The skaters with the stars on their helmet. There is one Jammer on each team. The Jammer is the point scorer.

PIVOT: The skaters with the stripe on their helmet. The Pivot is usually the last line of defense and keeps the pace of the pack. But keep your eye on the pivot...the pivot can also become the Lead Jammer (as long as the opposing team’s Jammer has broken from the pack)!

BLOCKERS: The skaters that will try to keep the opposing team’s Jammer from getting through the pack while simultaneously getting their own Jammer through the pack in order to score points. There are 3 blockers on each team.


Scenario 1: The whistle blows: The pack takes off around the track, and the jam officially begins. Each jam can last up to 90 seconds. The Jammers race to get through the pack first. The first to emerge from the pack is considered the “Lead Jammer.” The Lead Jammer can change throughout the game as the two Jammers battle for front position. The Jammers continue lapping the pack as many times as they can, scoring points for each opposing team member they pass.

The lead Jammer may call off the jam at any point after their initial pass through the pack by placing their hands on their hips. The teams then have 30 seconds to regroup and get back on the line. If a jam starts without all the players from each team, that team will be short those players for the rest of the jam, creating a power play situation for the opposing team.

Scenario 2: One team’s Jammer gets hung up in the pack during their initial pass through the pack, but the other team’s Jammer emerges through the pack. As soon as that Jammer’s foot reaches the front of the pack, the opposing Pivot may assume Jammer status and take off after the other Jammer, thereby creating a fast-paced, high-endurance game.

BLOCKING & PENALTIES: It is legal to block an opposing player with your body, hips or upper arms (shoulder and tricep) only.

This is where the excitement of Roller Derby really comes to life! You will see the skaters get pretty creative, as they search for new methods of stopping and deflecting opponents using only the legal blocking zones allowed. From double spin whips, to a mightily-thrown tri-block, our skaters are some of the most skilled skaters in the nation.

Illegal blocks would consist of any usage of hands such as punching, pushing, shoving, or grabbing. Any striking with forearms, elbows, tripping, kicking or blows to the head are also illegal. Vindictive skaters will be called on all penalties and removed from the jam immediately. If the jam ends and the penalty box time has not run out, that team start the next jam short one skater until the penalty time is over.

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