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Join South Jersey Roller Derby



To give our new recruits the attention they need, and deserve, South Jersey Roller Derby has designated Training Wheels coaches who help you every step of the way. No skating experience is necessary. Only the desire to work hard, the ability to play nice on a team, and a positive attitude.



Tired of skating endless laps, with little or no direction? We literally wrote a book on teaching new recruits. Our unparalleled training class and boot camps will have you knocking heads and impressing friends and family in no-time. Learn from professionals with hundreds of bouts under their belt, and the knowledge to make you the best skater possible.



1) Complete application. (click the blue button on the left!)

2) After submitting your application, check your email daily for your scheduled start date.

Unfortunately, we will hold your spot for only one week without notice, before moving on to the next applicant, so be sure to respond that you can make it.




Q. Who can join?

A.  South Jersey Derby accepts applications from men and women of all ages and skill levels.  For adults, you must be 18 or over with proof of insurance. We accept Juniors 5 to 17 years of age.


Q. What do I need to bring my first day?

A. Current photo ID, proof of health insurance & credit card to enroll in dues program. ​


​Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located 30 minutes from Center City Philadelphia in Franklinville, NJ (exit 43) on Route 55. ​


​Q. What can I expect my first day?

A. After a brief orientation, you will immediately begin your training wheels curriculum. You will be skating your first practice, so dress comfortably!


​Q. What equipment will I need my first day?

A. Just dress comfortably and be prepared to skate, we will provide you with skates and pads to get you started. By your third practice, however, you will need your own gear, including mouth guard, elbow, knee and wrist guards, and a helmet. You may use the rink's loaner skates for free until you are ready to purchase your own. ​


Q. How long should I expect to be in the TW program?

A. Everyone moves at their own pace. Just like in school, you will have a strict curriculum to follow. However, think of it as a self-paced course, the more experience you come to us with, and the more practices you attend, the faster you will move through the program. Average range is 3-6 months. ​


Q. What does your average roller girl look like?

A. There is no average! Roller Derby is for everyone. From our 95-lb Jammers, to our 6+ft ladies, all shapes, sizes and ages are welcome. We welcome men on our team as well.  You must be over 18 to play, however we have skaters who are in their 50s and beyond out on the floor and kicking butt! Come one, come all, and welcome to Roller Derby!


Q. What type of commitment does it take to be a South Jersey Derby member?

A. Practice, fundraising, bouts, promoting, and event planning take a considerable time commitment.  Every skater is expected to attend a minimum amount of practices and commit volunteer hours to the league.  We are skater-owned and operated (as opposed to rink or league owned), and the league's success depends entirely on the dedication and efforts of all of our members.  SJD membership also requires a monetary commitment of monthly dues to pay for operating costs. 

The day-to-day management of the league is run by a group of dedicated owners, managers and coaches who have invested considerable time, money, blood, sweat and tears over many years with the league; while all other activities are decided through the model of Consensus Decision-Making, meaning we all collaborate and negotiate until every member reaches a desired and agreed upon outcome.

From Day 1, you are given the freedom to play as big of a role as you like, or just solely focus on your training.

DISCLAIMER: Trouble-making, drama queens need not apply.​ We are nice, fun-loving girls and guys who love to work and play hard. Can't play nice with others? This is not the league for you!


Any questions?  Contact

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