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Featured Skater of the Month - October 2012

Punch Drunk Shove #K0


Position: Blocker

When did you start? April 2010

What team are you on?The Big Rig Betties and the SJDG All Star Team


What led you to roller derby?

I played Softball and Rugby in college and even tinkered in Ice Hockey back in high school.  I've always loved physical, fast paced sports and when I graduated college, I was looking for something to keep me active.  My mom has a competitive skating background and half my birthday parties growing up were at the skating rink.  All these things led me to Google "Roller Derby" one day.  I signed up with the South Jersey Derby Girls training wheels program that day and the rest is history.  It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.


What is your favorite position to play?

I've had some really great moments pivoting, but my favorite will always be blocking.  I think I like getting beat up by my teammates just as much as I love landing a hard hit.  Laying out a great opponent is a huge rush!

What is your greatest achievement in Derby?

My greatest achievement was being voted Blocker of the Year by my teammates and becoming a co-captain of the Big Rig Betties.  I really look up to my captain, Billy Ray Siren, so being asked to co-captain a team with her is a huge honor.​


What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

Being a member of South Jersey Derby has meant being part of a family.  My teammates have become some of the best friends I've ever made and I couldn't be happier to have joined SJDG.  We work hard, support one another, and have a really good time doing it!

Hobbies outside of derby?

I'm an avid reader and love making things with my hands.  I'm also a relatively new mommy, so that takes up most of my time these days!

Worst Injury?

My worst injury by far was breaking my leg and ankle this past CCRE 2012.  It sucks to be side-lined for awhile but I'm determined to come back better and stronger.


What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?

One of my favorite games I've played in to date is the All-Star game at CCRE 2011.  Hurricane Irene rained us out of Wildwood, but everyone packed up and headed into Philly to skate anyway.  It was my first All-Star game and I landed some really hard hits on some really good skaters.  I even scored a handful of points pivoting that game.  But I think the best part of the CCRE games is the camaraderie among all of the players.  It like a MADE family reunion.


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