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Featured Skater of the Month - September 2012

Hexadecimate #B4S316

Position: Main blocker who likes to dabble in jamming

When did you start?  02/04/2009 (I know the exact date because I'm a geek and had a LiveJournal and wrote about the first night)

What team are you on?  Rollin' Barren Bandits & SJDG All-Stars


What led you to roller derby?

A few friends of mine took me out skating while I had a lung infection because they wanted to cheer me up. How skating would do that, I thought I'd never know, but then I was approached by Mos Deathly at open skate. I was trying to make the best out of an off night, and then I found myself being recruited. Going skating that night ended up cheering me up. I had never been able to skate on quads, but Rebel Yell had me up and skating in less than two weeks and I've never looked back.


What is your favorite position to play?

I was trained to be a blocker. I like contact, but I also like just getting in the way with the threat of a hit looming. I tend to be known for my booty block as well as some of the longest drag blocks in derby history :P

What is your greatest achievement in Derby?

"I haven't yet had my greatest achievement. :PI recently came close, playing in a game where I scored the most points on my team (a true first for me), was second for most blocks, and had a few assists. Yeah. Just a regular game for some, but an awesome triple play for me. "​​


What does being a South Jersey Derby member mean to you?

There's a sense of pride, especially when you look at those who've been around since when you started. We've been through a lot of changes. People come and go, but the core remains. It's like family, and that means a lot. My mom died when I was 9, and my dad would disappear for years at a time early in my life, leaving me first at the age of 15. I've had rounds of people step into my life and become family, and the same goes for South Jersey Derby. I have brothers now. Sisters too. I'm even an aunt. I know a lot of leagues can say the same... but with all the hardships we've gone through as a team, it really brings you closer to these people. People, in some cases, that you just met a few weeks ago, but change your life so much. This league is full of honesty personalities, and that makes me proud to call these people family.

Any other story / notes / inspirations you would like to share?

You know when people say "Derby Saved My Life"? Well. For me it ACTUALLY did. You know those growing pains we all get when we first start skating? The lower back pain that you just wish would stop? Well, mine hadn't stopped well into my first year of derby. I did exercises and therapy with my doctor for this pain and after a year I got fed up. I got several X-Rays and then finally MRIs and it was found that I had Stage 1A (low grade) Osteosarcoma in three places. Osteosarcoma is a cancerous bone tumor. I had been doing physical therapy for my back because I thought it was derby related, turns out I had something growing from when I slipped and fell on my tailbone sledding when I was 13. I did targeted radiation treatments and a couple months of chemo and have been in remission since December 2009... and to think, I wouldn't have caught this as early if it wasn't for the physical activity of roller derby pushing me to go to the doctor so I could skate pain free. I still have damage, and will never be pain free, but I'm here and I'm still skating. Damn good at it too. Derby saved my life."I'd like to thank my ""sponsor"" and best friend, Mr. Self Destruct, aka Stat-ocaster, aka Justin the Great for everything he's done for me and for South Jersey Derby. In the beginning, if not for him, I couldn't have afforded the gear and without that I wouldn't be here. He's been to every one of my games and he's even gotten involved in a 100% no skates way by making stats a major focus of our league. I love you!

Also: HI MAC! Major love to my derby wife Mac the Ripper. "

Hobbies outside of derby

Too many. Cosplay (including sewing), Gaming, Collecting, Makeup artistry (special effects are sooo fun, but the pretty stuff is cool too)... buuuut I have no time for anything because my job is my life as of late. I work in specialty retail, even going so far as being a personal shopper for customers when they come into my shop because I love my job that much. I'm the manager now. What do I do? I put lotion and makeup on people. It's awesome.

​Random Fact About Yourself?

Growing up in Las Vegas I did pageants from birth to the age of 8 years old. Won mostly all the time. My mom was very rational about things. Didn't make me up a lot. Let me be myself, choosing to do magic as my talent and being goofy in my photo-shoots. I turned out awesome. Pageants aren't a horrible way to grow up if you have loving parents. Why did we stop at 8? I told my dad "I don't wanna be pretty anymore" and we started working toward that years school science fair. By the way, I won 2nd place in the state that year too, cause I rock.

Worst Injury?

A lot of people hear about my back issues (3 slipped discs and two cracked vertebra) and think that's derby related. Not so. I would have to say my worst DERBY injury was a cracked pelvis as a result of landing on a skate in a pile up during an away game at Mans Ruin.


What's your best hit / favorite moment of a game?

My favorite moment of a game is when I have a hit so good the whole crowd gasps and is silent for a second. Those are the best.

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